About AP Lit & Comp Website

  •  Absent? Home sick? Lost your handout?  Need to review notes for a test? You’ve come to the right place.
  • We will be using this website constantly throughout the year, so please take a few moments to familiarize yourself with its features.  If you are absent from class, you will need to FIRST check this website before you ask me what you’ve missed.
On this site:
1. View any classes’ PowerPoint agenda for the day.
2. Download and print handouts, see the assigned reading and/or homework, and find other vital materials.
3.  Only check with me if you need additional materials that aren’t on the website OR if you need to schedule something with me.
  • Remember – you only have ONE WEEK to schedule make up quizzes/tests before you can no longer make them up.  Take care of it promptly!
1. Look for the day’s post from when you were absent.
2. Look under that post for the PDF PowerPoint file from the day you were absent.  This document will explain exactly what we did in class, what you need to make up, important due dates, assigned reading or homework,  etc.  This document will refer you to the other files under that post.
3. Look at/download/print any other files under that post.

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